Automatic Pressure Cover up to 8/-1bar

 Product description

Fully automated processes also require a tank coverl with fully automatic function. This version of our pressure cover can be operated pneumatically (standard), as well as hydraulically or electrically. Appropriate adaptations are required on the unit for the specific type of drive. The cover uses an O-ring seal, which is pressed down appropriately by an adjustment ring. The cover is opened and closed by a separate drive unit.
Further information is given below and in our catalog or data sheet.

Standard design

  • Wetted material:1.4571or 1.4404 Attachment parts: 1.4301
  • With pneumatic-cylinder for movement (locking, opening/closing)
  • Silicone-0-Ring-gasket
  • Pneumatic-cylinderincl. REED-contacts for detection of final positions
  • Neck length 200 mm, Neckthickness 6 mm
  • Surface quality: unpolished, glass-bead blasted
  • Withapproval (Modul G) acc. PED 97/23/EC
  • Design Code: AD-2000-Merkblatt


  • Wetted materials: 1.4435 BN2,1.4539, 1.4529, 1.4462, 1.4429, HC-22,HC-276, HC-2000, etc.
  • lntermediate sizes
  • Various gasket qualities
  • Various surface qualities (glass-bead blasted, pickled or polished upto Ra < 0,2µm)
  • Neck length up to 2000 mm, neck thickness up to 12 mm
  • Neck shaped to match tank-diameter
  • Conical design of the neck (up to max. 8mm neck thickness)
  • Installation of nozzles (sightglasses, TC-ferrules (DIN32676), HZ-Connect,etc.)
  • With safety-grill or safety-cross
  • Attachment parts in other materials

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