Product description

This p-profile-gasket closes the gap between the lid and the neck almost completely. Its contact surface resembles a flat seal when closing. This gasket form is available in silicone and EPDM.

The table below contains information about the various sizes, materials and approvals for the P profile seals of our covers. Many dimensions are available in the warehouse, but intermediate sizes must be ordered and may deviate with regard to approvals, color and durability.

Our durability lists for the various seal qualities can be downloaded here (specifications without guarantee).

Data sheet


Data sheet - P-Profile-Gaskets
NW Article No. Silicone transparent +200°C / -60°C Article No. EPDM black +90°C / -30°C glued
100 201sip 1 201epp
150 215sip 1 215epp
200 220sip 1 220epp
250 225sip 1 225epp
300 230sip 1 230epp
350 235sip 1 235epp
400 240sip 1 240epp
450 245sip 1 245epp
500 250sip 1 250epp
600 260sip 1 260epp
700 270sip 1 270epp
800 280sip 1 280epp
900 290sip 1 290epp
1000 210sip 1 210epp

Gasket certificates

Data sheet - Gasket certificates
Reference number Certificate
1 FDA (21CFR 177.2600)
2 U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI
3 EG 1935/2004
4 ADI-free (frei von tierischen Bestandteilen)
5 3A Sanitary Standard 18-03
6 FDA (21CFR 177.1550)

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