Mechanical lifting / pivoting hinge

Mechanisches Hebe- / Schwenkscharnier


Limited installation space, clean room, explosive environment, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry



  • Screws can be tightened in any sequence (but crosswise)
  • Internal pressure spring (adaptable to the respective lid weight)
  • Fine adjustment of the lifting mechanism by pre-loading the internal compression spring
  • Internal mechanism accessible from above (after unscrewing the cover plate)
  • Rotation via bearing mounted shaft (ease of movement adjustable via “brake”)
  • Rotating mechanism and lifting mechanism work independently of each other
  • Almost frictionless rotary movement
  • Exchangeable without welding
  • Easy to clean
  • Approved for ATEX zone 2
  • Maximum cover weight approx. 100kg
  • Spring designed for lifetime
  • Latch position can be retrofitted or can be specified induvidually, standard torsion angle


Problem cases of the conventional swing hinge
  • No “canting” of the lid when opening / closing
  • Strict procedure to be ensured when closing the lid / eye bolts


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