Gaskets for Handhole-Cover 190×240

Product description

You will find a short overview of the seals for our oval hand-hole cover 190×240 in the table below. These seals are available in the qualities, silicone and EPDM.

Data sheet

Handhole-Cover 190×240

Data sheet - Handhole-Cover 190×240
Article No. Description Reference number
321si Silikondichtung transparent +200°C
Silicone gasket transparent +200°C
1, 2, 3, 4
321ep EPDM-Dichtung schwarz +90/-30°C
EPDM gasket black +90/-30°C

Gasket certificates

Data sheet - Gasket certificates
Reference No. Certificate
1 FDA (21CFR 177.2600 )
2 U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI
3 EG 1935/2004
4 ADI-free (frei von tierischen Bestandteilen)
5 3A Sanitary Standard 18-03
6 FDA (21CFR 177.1550)

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