Electromechanical hinge

Elektromechanisches Scharnier


Clean room, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry


  • Internal, electric linear drive
  • The electric drive is supported by an additional compression spring
  • Sealed housing
  • Connection via Harting® plug
  • Angle and speed of rotation (open/closed) individually programmable
  • Complete actuator will be exchanged in case of defect (replacement actuator available within one week)
  • Clamped hinge lugs and screwed housing allow quick and easy installation
  • Only power connection necessary
  • Opening time adjustable (min. approx. 10 sec. to 95°)
  • Maintenance free design
  • Protection class IP66, cleanable with high pressure cleaner (protection class IP69k)
  • Approved for ATEX zone 21
  • Applicable from -25 to +65°C
  • Self-locking design, lid cannot close in case of power failure


Problem cases of conventional pneumatic or hydraulic actuators
  • “Jerking” of pneumatic drives
  • Hydraulic oil and no power unit required
  • Cover can close in case of pressure drop in the lines


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