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Tuesday 11. February 2020 News

Mourning for the company founder Heinrich Zimmerlin

Trauer Heinrich Zimmerlin

The zimmerlin GmbH Edelstahl-Technik mourns the loss of its founder and senior partner

Heinrich Zimmerlin

He founded the company in 1966 with great courage and determination. His great craftsmanship and technical skills, his diligence and entrepreneurial vision formed the foundation of a company that was a matter of the heart and a life’s work for him.

A familiar working atmosphere and the social security of the employees were as important to him as fair dealing with business partners. He boldly set the course for new developments and led the craft business over several operating sites to a medium-sized company.

Until the year 2001 he was managing director and center of the zimmerlin GmbH. After that he stood by the company for many valuable years with words and deeds.
His words were: “There is nothing that is not feasible”.
The success of the zimmerlin GmbH rests on this thought until today.

We think of him with great appreciation and keep him in grateful memory.

zimmerlin GmbH

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